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Submission guidelines


  • Any content submitted to the website, application or other interactive service provided by Custometrix Ltd (collectively "Site," "we," "us" or "our") by email, postings on this Site or otherwise, including any reviews, questions, photographs or videos, comments, suggestions, ideas or the like contained in any submissions collectively refer to as "Submissions".
  • These are the guidelines set forth below (collectively, the “Submission guidelines”) for Submissions and form part of our Terms of Use and are applicable to both service providers (recipient of the Submission) as well as their existing or potential customers (provider of the Submission).
  • By accessing or using this Site in any manner, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and Submission guidelines; and represent that you have read and understood them.


  • We believe in free speech, transparency, honest and clear communication. Therefore, we ask for Submissions that are truthful, clear, and helpful to both the Submission’s recipient and the wider community irrespective of whether the Submissions are favourable or not.
  • Submissions are a way for customers and service providers to share their experiences with the community. Any attempt to use Submissions to force a user to do something they aren’t obligated to do is a misuse of Submissions, and is strictly prohibited.
  • Submissions should not be used in an attempt to force a service provider to provide refunds, compensation, or a reciprocal Submission.
  • Service providers are not allowed to require their customers to leave a positive Submission, or to revise a Submission in exchange for a partial or full refund, compensation, or reciprocal Submission. The service provider also cannot offer free or discounted services in exchange for a customer revising an existing Submission.
  • If a customer contacts a service provider with a problem, the service provider should make every effort to resolve it. The service provider cannot ask the customer to take specific actions related to a Submission in exchange for the resolution of the problem.
  • Submissions should be honest, factual and objective, reflecting a user’s personal experience with a service provider rather than be based on hearsay or someone else's opinions or for the sole purposes of tarnishing or enhancing a service provider’s reputation.
  • Submissions should be proof read before submitting. Poor spelling will not cause your rating to be removed. However, poor spelling may result in your rating being discredited by those who read it.
  • Any submissions received in all capitals will automatically be rejected.
  • Submissions should reflect positive experiences as well as constructive criticism related to negative experiences.
  • We currently do not accept Submissions related to hotels and restaurants.
  • The Site allows users to quantify and qualify their customer experience against the following 5 customer experience dimensions. These are further detailed to help a customer leave a clear, transparent and objective Submission for their service provider:
    • Likelihood to recommend – consider the following:
      • What is the main reason why you would or you would not recommend your service provider to a friend, family or colleague?
      • What specifically about the service provider makes you strongly recommend or not recommend this service provider?
      • What would be the main reason for you to increase your given score to a 9 or 10?
      • What specifically should this service provider improve for you to increase your score from your given score to a 9 or 10?
    • Quality of service – consider the following:
      • Were the services provided quickly and efficient?
      • Were the services provided accurately in relation to your requirements?
      • Were the services provided clear and transparent?
      • Was the service provider able to resolve issues quickly and effectively?
    • Quality of staff – consider the following:
      • Were staff flexible to your requests?
      • Were staff courteous?
      • Were staff warm and friendly to interact with?
      • Were staff pleased to serve you?
      • Were staff empathetic?
      • Were staff knowledgeable?
    • Quality of communication –consider the following:
      • Was the information exchanged and provided in the course of providing the services clear?
      • Was the information exchanged and provided in the course of providing the services of a suitable quality?
      • Was the information exchanged and provided in the course of providing the services of a suitable quantity?
      • How effective were any electronic or digital channels that were used in provision of the information to you?
    • Value for money – consider the following:
      • What value do you perceive that you are receiving?
      • Are the pricing structures appropriate for the services you are being provided?
      • Do you derive benefits from the services and are they clear?
      • Do the product and/or service features and functionality meet your requirements?
  • In addition any other details, that can help the service provider to recognise and/or remediate their services based on a Submission, should be included. These can include details of the service providers site/branch/location, details of any employees interacted with and details to help identify the individual e.g. customer or account number.